Alberta Fair Practices OfficeAlberta Fair Practices Office



If you think you have been treated unfairly by Alberta’s workers’ compensation system, then we may be able to help.

We can conduct a fairness review of the processes leading up to a decision made by the WCB, Appeals Commission or Medical Panels Office. The FPO cannot review or change the decision itself. You can learn more information about what fairness means to the FPO.

Any worker or employer covered by WCB can ask for a review. Find out if we can help you.

A fairness review looks at the process that was used to reach the decision, to see whether that process was fair. Find out what to expect from a fairness review.

We cannot change the decision itself. If you are interested in getting a decision changed, our appeals assistance services may be able to help

To ask for a fairness review, contact us.


As a first step, contact the organization that made the decision. Give them a chance to address your concern. These tips can help you.